Black Hat SEO


Black hat SEO is a practice against search engine terms of conditions, used to get a site ranking higher in search results.

Here What We cover

  • PBN’s
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Paid Links
  • Social Signal Hacking
  • Purchasing Reviews
  • Blog Comment Spam

We will start Understand one by one-

1. PBN’s AKA:

Private Blog Networks are networks of multiple websites usually owned by the same entity or individual.

These websites are utilized to create content that generally contains contextual links to sites that entity is trying to help rank.

HOW to Identify

PBN’s are easy to identify, You have to do checked you plug your suspect into, AHREF or open site explorer And checkout their link profile.
Some PBN’s can be made very well and can we very difficult to identify.


Keyword stuffing:

This is some thing i see a lot of people getting away with and it’s one of the oldets black hat tricks in the book, keyword stuffing is you used multiple time one keywords not focus to text only fucus on one keywords.

How to Identify

keyword stuffing is very easy to identify, usually you will see thousands of words that are just blocks of text to surround main keywords.

Paid Links:

Paid link can be purchased in the form og PBN’s guest posts, or simply just by DA/PA
there are ways that you can pay for links that aren’t necessarily black hat.

there we will understand black hat link building and grey /white hat

Black hat– Asking to Buy links from a sites or going to google and finding websites that sell link or buying sell links.

Gray hat:– Asking for link exchanging, also guest posting is a bit grey hat.

white hat: offering a web pages of yours as a resource to some ones website.

Social Signal Hacking:

Although this isn’t completely black hat, social media can be havily abused ,

social signal are used to increasing ranking these days some crazy method you can use to hack your social signals.

Purchasing Reviews:

business rankings and conversions can seriously sky rocket by having reviews here are the black hat ways people get reviews.

buying reviews off sites by fiverr or upwork.

Content Scrapping:

content scrapping is still used to rank a lot of websites because content can easily be ranked for as long it hasn’t been duplicate.

Blog Comment Spam:

Blog comment spam is used to create links or NAPW citations back to a site to get it to rank higher. this technique used to work very well but is now a complete waste of time.

black hat seo

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