How to Properly Setup Google Amp On Your WordPress Site

Google AMP

Before Does Setup Of Google AMP , we know that —-

What Is Google AMP?

The “Google AMP” is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all, mobile friendly And ad friendly pages.Amp Makes Responsive,smooth ,reliable, And fast for All devices and distribution platforms.

Advantages of Setting up Google Amp

  1. Optimize Data consumption
  2. Adjust On Any Browser
  3. No Bounce Rate
  4. Reduce Load Time
  5. Increase Organic traffic
  6. Maintain flexibility and control

Google AMP Increase Your Organic Traffic , Because Google Algorithm Check Your Website Page SEO Compatibility For User Base

Reduce Load Time : Did You Know That, that around 57% of the people leave a website if it takes more than 3 sec to load? So, by enabling fastest pages with Google AMP, you may be able to boost your webpage speed and reduce the bounce rate.

Next… We Goes to Google AMP Setup:

let’s discuss how you can enable it on your WordPress Site.

Install the AMP Plugin

The most recommended and easiest way to add Google AMP to your site is to install the AMP plugin. You Directly Go to Link And Download AMP Or Go to Your WordPress Admin Panel And Install Google AMP Plugin.

Follow these steps to install Google AMP on your site

  • Log in to your WordPress site and go to plugins
  • Search for the “AMP” plugin
  • Find the AMP plugin AMP Or AMP for WP
  • Click the install button
  • Activate the plugin

The Plugin Will Install And Instantly Generate a AMP Version Of Your Site , You can be located by adding /amp/ to the end of each Your webpage’s URL.

For Example : Such As My Site URL When You Want Access My Website AMP Version Simple Type

Install Yoast SEO Plugin and Configure AMP

Click on the “add new” button and find the “Yoast amp” plugin. You will see Notification of the Glue for Yoast and AMP plugin, install and activate it. After that, go to Yoast > AMP and select the webpages you’d like to amend with AMP. By default, WordPress enables  AMP for “Posts”. However, you can also enable Google AMP for other web pages on your site.

Testing AMP

You can check the Accelerated Mobile Pages error reports and index in the Google webmaster console.Yo Can Go To google Search Console And Make sure to check these reports every few days to keep track of AMP activity.

You Can Modify Other Setting In Google AMP Plugin According To You

Conclusion: Even a few extra seconds of loading time could significantly reduce your site’s search engine rankings (and your conversion rates). Fortunately, as we have seen, using Google AMP can help you ensure that your site’s pages load at lightning speed on mobile devices. What’s more, configuring and customizing AMP for WordPress is simple and straightforward.

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