How Web Hosting Affects page load Speed?


Hosting play ideal role of Page Load speed

Your page’s load time relates to a few different factors including memory and bandwidth usage. If you are using a shared hosting plan, then you have to split these resources with the other websites that are stored on your host’s server. If one site is getting a traffic spike, then this can cause them to monopolize the resources and slow down your website. Just a few instances of this can drive users away.

In browsing, you are ideally accessing remote files stored in the web servers. The faster the remote computer, the faster the user will access the requested pages. That makes your choice of web hosting company or package very important. Executing these codes takes time and that explains why some pages take ages to load depending on their hosts.

How to Choose Ideal Web Hosting Packages

The very factors that affect the speed of your machine are the ones that influence the difference in web hosting packages speed. They include:

Fast Hard Drive—for solid state drive, the loading process is faster compared to standard hard drive. That implies greater performance for packages based on the faster hard drives.
Location of Essential Resources—it is worth noting that ensuring your databases are on the same web server can greatly enhance the speed of sites. That is opposed to the idea of such resources being on the other servers like in the case of shared web hosting.
Dedicated Resources—it is ideal choosing a web hosting plan offering dedicated resources. Choosing a VPS or dedicated server plan saves you the stress of other websites hogging resources. The latter is mostly common with the shared web hosting plans.
Enhanced Resources—this is another significant difference exhibited in the various web hosting plans. With more advanced web hosting plans come increased processing power and enhanced memory. Collectively, such a Enhanced Resources will escalate the speed of your site because requests will be executed more quickly. Simply advancing from the shared web hosting to better packages such as VPS will do the trick.

Website Speed By the Numbers:

First, let’s look at some general statistics regarding consumer behaviour and websites. Page views are determined by the speed with which they load. If a site loads quickly, it greatly increases the odds that the consumer will browse the site and explore further into it.

If a site loads quickly, it greatly increases the odds that the consumer will browse the site and explore further into it.

Almost half of all website visitors (47%) will wait no more than 2-3 seconds for a website to load.
Over three-fourths (79%) of customers who shop online would not shop with a site a second time if they experienced an issue with the site,

such as poor load time.

Almost half of those same customers (44%) would tell their friends about their negative experience with a site,

thus hurting future sales for the site.

If you average $100,000 in sales each day, a simple one-second delay could add up to over two million dollars annually in lost sales.
Every little bit helps. By increasing load times from seven seconds down to two, one website was able to increase page views by 25%. What’s more, this generated an almost 12% increase in sales.

In a recent page load speed study on the effect of upgrading from shared hosting to VPS plan for a

Any Type Of website.

The VPS Solution

VPS hosting is an easy solution to make your company’s website run faster. DataParadise Hosting can set you up with a virtual private server that can offer you significantly faster load times. Faster page load times turn visitors into paying customers.

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